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Market Day Returns!
Our farmers are promising some of the harvest is coming in! Join us Saturday April 19th for the first harvest of the season! Also, learn about rain water harvesting in a free lecture by Greg Whitfield of The Rain Well.

We’ve been preordering pastured poultry, rabbit, free range eggs and wonderful organic salad greens. More should be on the way!

From Texas Farms and Ranches, to Texas Tables and Bellies!
Nestled among old majestic Post Oaks, beautiful horses, lots of silly little critters on an all-natural rustic ranch, we’re just minutes from downtown Dallas in Balch Springs. Come visit our quaint organic garden shop in a country setting. Pack a snack or your lunch and stay and visit awhile. Feed the ducks and chickens or just unwind and relax with a broyeur végétaux bosch axt 25 tc

What’s it all about?

Eden’s Organic Garden Center is an independently owned, full service organic garden shop where you’ll find all of your organic gardening and lawn care needs including answers to your questions and good old fashioned customer service. We also now offer affordable onsite consultations and seasonal organic fertilization services at your home. Call for details! We’re open every Saturday, February - December. See hours and location for details.

Just minutes from downtown Dallas and located on the site of a well known quarter horse ranch formerly owned for nearly 40 years by the Barnett family, the now all-natural horse boarding business serves as a backdrop for the nostalgic residence built back to the early 1900’s. Chickens, ducks, guineas and more live here and frequent the neighborhood from time to time.

This little army of creatures makes up one of the best insect control programs ever! We release beneficial insects if they can’t keep up, but no synthetic pesticides are ever applied out here.

Stop by and enjoy a taste of the country, see what is growing & blooming in our demo gardens and enjoy a cup of organic coffee or herbal tea with us under the grand old Post Oaks!

The life of a plant starts in the soil and you’ll find brand name organic fertilizers, compost and soil amendments to get your soil restored to health.

There are also safe, yet effective, pest control products; safe cleaning supplies that really clean; natural and organic feeds for your critters; gift items (for you or a friend); and personal care items to soothe those sore gardening muscles, hands and feet. Whew! And coming soon, we’ll have fresh Texas grown organic produce via the Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association and other local Texas organic farmers!

We specialize in xeriscape planning & drought tolerant plants carrying a selection of beautiful, hardy, Texas or southern region grown “water savvy” perennials. We also have organically grown and/or maintained herbs and seasonal vegetable plant starts, and certified organic seeds-so you can “grow your own”. You’ll also find some of your favorite, old fashioned colorful annual bedding plants to mix and match in planters or in your garden of paradise or hanging baskets to decorate your porch.

We offer free “How-to” Classes each month. Check our EVENTS page for the latest topic and dates. You’ll always find us ready to help answer your questions and make good plant choices for a successful gardening experience.

We’re taking reservations for a hands-on how to gardening class. Sign up will be limited to 10 students. December class didn’t make - next one scheduled for April 12th…sign up now!

The old bunk house is cozy and full of neat things for your garden and home. Plus, we have a work shed stocked up with all of your favorite organic gardening amendments and fertilizers by Rabbit Hill Farm, Maestro Gro, Bradfields, Gardenville and more.

Until you get here, what should you be doing in your paradise garden? Go to This Month and find out.

10 Benefits of Organic Lawn Care - from the website of www.safelawns.org

1.) Safety, for humans, animals, insects and the planet

2.) Better Health, for humans, animals, the lawns and the planet

3.) Water Conservation & Preservation, since water does not often become contaminated in organic systems, which also require less water than synthetic programs

4.) Soil Health & Sustainability, since organics builds organic matter and life within the soil

5.) Pest Reduction, since insects tend to be more attracted to out-of-balance synthetic systems

6.) Resource Conservation, since synthetic fertilizers are derived from fossil fuels and organic systems encourage recycling, and because organic systems emphasize less mowing

7.) Financial Savings through time, since organic systems become more independent as the soil is improved

8.) Environmental Preservation, including a reduction in greenhouse gases and global warming

9.) Noise Reduction from decreased reliance on power equipment

10.) Environmental Awareness from the organic practitioners, who don’t rely on “four-step plans” and instead tend to become stewards of the land.

“Mmmm, this stuff is yummy! Mom calls it Pet Grass”

Now this is how to turn the compost pile! Free Labor!

Lil' Whitie and Sister enjoy a sunbath!

Gardening Classes are about to go to the next level!

Coming soon - a two hour hands-on workshop “How to Get Started”. Along with lecture and handouts, we’ll actually work in the soil from grass removal to planting. You’ll learn the basics of organics from the soil up to the planting process. What goes in the soil, how to choose plants for a specific area and how to prepare and then care for them for the best success. Stay tuned for details and dates. December class didn’t make - holidays and all I guess - so we’re rescheduling for spring. Call me to let me know you are interested and to reserve a place as it will be a limited size class and we’ll want a minimum of 5, too. Class cost $25. Includes hand outs and organic snacks. (Shooting for April 12th.)

The Rain Barrel has offered to put on a free clinic on rain water harvesting. This is a great introduction for “do it yourselfers” or those interested in purchasing a comprehensive rain harvesting system for their home or business. Greg will show you the benefits and cost savings to using the free water that falls from the sky and runs off your roofs. Rain water harvesting is easy and very cost efficient. (Tentatively set for April 19th)

Also, we’d like to form a class for organic pasture management - please call shop if interested. It is always a good time to get those pastures ready for hay production. Come hear how and listen to other ranchers and farmers talk about how sustainable farming and ranching has worked for them. I’m going to get Mark Chapman down from Denton County to share his secrets for successful sustainable pasture management with us again. Mark has had blue ribbon Bermuda hay that he and his son raised strictly organically! While we don’t recommend a monoculture of grass, it can be done without pesticides and those costly high nitrogen fertilizers.

Call 214-348-3336 (EDEN) to sign up for all classes

Have an idea for a topic - drop us a suggestion.

Classes are held here at the shop - 4710 Pioneer Road, Balch Springs

Meet the Farmers and Ranchers Market Day!

Spring '08 - starting up 3rd Saturday of March

COMMUNITY GARDEN - The momentum is growing for our very own “by the community for the community” organic produce garden here in Balch Springs! Click here for details!



Meets at Fretz Recreation Center in Dallas the 4th Thursday of each month at 7 p.m., except for November and December. New members and visitors welcome! 2007 was great and 2008 looks even better! Call 214-348-3336 to join! Go to www.dogc.org for details.

Neigborsgo.com is a new on line community put together by the folks at The Dallas Morning News and we’ve started an on line gardening club! Go see us at www.Neighborsgo.com, click on Balch Springs/Home and Garden/Groups and join us today! Let’s get some discussions going and get the word out about organics! You’ll find Eden’s articles and blogs, pictures and more! Sign up is free and easy.

Special Services

Yard/Grass Fertilization Service

Seasonal Color Selection & Installation

Perennial/Cottage Style Garden Planning & Installation


Consulting for your Home or Business

It Is Just About Time to Apply Corn Gluten Meal!
Call us for an estimate at your place
Confused about converting to organics?
Don’t have time to fertilize the yard yourself?
Need someone to come out and brainstorm with you about your plant selections or placement?
Want someone to show you how to plant properly - at your house?
Do you have just a little flowerbed that you’d like to have spruced up?


Market Day Is Back!

We had a wonderful turn out for what was a beautiful day at Eden’s! Gene and his family brought in a bountiful harvest of delicious butter crunch and green romaine lettuce, radishes, yellow and white spring onions, swiss chard and red mustard greens! All of his produce was just harvested within 24 hours of bringing it to market.

JUHA produces fresh poultry weekly. Hiram Farms takes preorders for those yummy salad greens and harvests them first thing market day morning. (and she had some pickled beets last week, too!)

You just never know what our farmers are going to be bringing. Come every market day to see!

I made a big salad at lunch, topped it off with a JUHA chicken breast and I felt like I had eaten a multi-vitamin! What a delicious and satisfying way to eat. Come support your local farmers and ranchers - and treat yourself and your family to the most healthy way to eat.


Each week promises new harvest items and new farmers. In May, we’re expecting the fresh goodness of Merry Berry Farms to come with their locally grown black berries - grown right here in Balch Springs!

Be sure your email address is on our mailing list and we’ll send out the availability list as available

(note - due to spam, I’ve had to take down the mailing list sign up for awhile. you can send it directly to eogc at airmail dotnet. Thanks)

Come “MEET THE FARMERS & RANCHERS!” What a great time for visiting with friends and learning about where and how your food was produced!

Farmers wishing to sell their natural/organic foods and value added products should contact the market manager at

214-348-EDEN (3336)

We are proud and happy to announce the first ever (in Southeast Dallas County anyway)

ALL Organic/Sustainable - ALL Producers/Ranchers/Farmers

Market Days!

We are open on the grounds of the garden center each month on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays from 10 a.m. - noon March through December

Only the growers, ranchers or producers of farm fresh, organic and sustainable farms and ranches bring you the finest in quality grass-fed beef, pasture raised poultry, organic produce, fresh baked organic specialty breads, pastas, organic chocolate and pastries, and more!

I’m not sure what is more important to emphasize to you - the fact that we have and continue to seek out local farmers and ranchers who take pride and care in how they manage the land or that they do so only in a holistic and organic/sustainable way. These two facts blended together can mean only one thing - The Very Best Tasting, Nutritious and Safest Food Money Can Buy! In addition, you are helping support neighboring farms and ranches, preserving Texas’ heritage! Buying local not only means buying fresher because your food wasn’t picked before it was ready and shipped across the country to get here, but it means we’re conserving gas, too!

You can pre-order some of the items by requesting an availability list through our contact section. Produce is available on hand as it is picked that week. (due to spam, you have to send me an email - eogc at airmail dot net)

From Texas Farms and Ranches to Texas Tables and Bellies!

Each 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, (First Harvest - December), we’ll be bringing it in fresh from the farm; local, organically grown products! Local producers of grass-fed meats, pastured poultry, eggs, fresh baked specialty breads (pre-order now!) and produce will be at Eden’s! What could be better than slowly grown livestock in sunshine and without hormones, antibiotics, immunizations or nitrates. Incredibly delicious and healthful foods are brought directly from your hardworking local farmer to you.

All meats are harvested, packaged and frozen in USDA-inspected or state approved facilities.

Produce will be grown under organic and/or sustainable programs. New farmers added each month!

CSA’s start up in the Spring - this is a great way to “test drive” some local farmers and see what a difference eating naturally and locally makes. We’ll add producers as we can - many had issues with crops due to the heavy rains this year - to give you even more selections.

Our first season of market days went great! See pics from our First Market Day, it was a great one. Thanks to all who came out and supported local farms and our shop. Thanks to the Dallas Morning News and Kim Pierce, Jenice Johnson and Andrea Ridout for covering our event and helping to spread the word about the first Producers Only All sustainable/organically grown Farmers’/Ranchers’ Market! Watch your Mesquite NeighborsGo for spring dates! We look forward to seeing you all in the spring of 08! Pre-orders will be accepted for December 15th and one Saturday in January. We plan to start up regular Farmers’ Market style again in February. Want to preorder this winter? Get on our mailing list and we’ll send you an order form. Go here and sign up today!

Market Day is open March - December

For those who want to grow their own - or to help those who maybe can’t afford enough,

we’re starting a…

Community Garden

A blast of winter that is! But the plants at Eden’s Garden Community Gardens are doing just fine! Some gardeners tucked their plants in tight - while most just braved the storm. We have planted spinach, onions, purple top turnips, radishes, cauliflower and more. We need volunteers to work in the house beds and common areas. Work for food! Call Marie at the shop for information. 214-348-EDEN (3336)

The old garden shed, estimated to have been built back in the 30’s, is in the process of being restored. Bill, Curtis, Robert and Marie braced the walls, but it will need to be relocated, just a few feet from its original location, to make up for the damage to the floor by pesky termites. This time around we’ll outsmart them by naturally treating the lumber closest to the ground with boric acid products and, by raising it up off the ground a few feet, too.

Carpenter David Pearson, Balch Springs’ business owner of David’s Cabinets and Furniture, feels confident he can save most of the old building’s original wood and replace the sides and roof piece by piece to allow it to retain its original look and feel. This will serve as our storage shed for the community gardeners’ hand tools, seeds etc. The portable green house is erected and seeds are being started for our gardens. There is still a lot of work to do - but we’re having fun and building a great community through the efforts. Not to mention, beautifying an old pasture and growing some yummy, safe, nutritious food!


Pictured (in no apparent order) are several members of the Balch Springs Home Depot team, owner and an associate of Eden’s Organic Garden Center, Balch Springs Mayor Pro Tem Carrie Marshall, Bill and Patty Kappes, Curtis Shrum, Sheila James, Sam Walker, and Balch Springs Youth Advisory Board leader, Myesha Applewhite.

Community took on a new meaning in Balch Springs Saturday with the breaking ground of the new community gardens. Members of the Balch Springs Home Depot team and the owner of Eden’s Organic Garden Center worked side by side with citizens interested in working the soil. A sense of community, the desire for safe, organic foods and a love of gardening join these folks together in this new project. At just over 8000 square feet, this ground which has been home to the hooves of many a horse for the past 80+ years, will become a source of tasty food for those who choose to “work for food”. Someone showed me a scripture a few months ago and I couldn’t help but feel we have God’s blessing on this project. Ezekiel 36 speaks of how a land that was once desolate and unfertile will now again be the place of fertile soil and great crops - and people will say " This godforsaken land is now like Eden’s garden!"

There is so much in the news these days about the cost of food as well as the questionable safety of it. By growing our own, we don’t have to worry about either of those problems. We will know exactly where our food comes from and how it was grown and it is virtually free when you do the work yourself.

Clearing the brush and removing volunteer “trash” trees were the first step.

There will be several plots available to “rent” for private use by families, individuals or groups. The remaining garden areas will be commonly farmed for local food banks and those unable to get down in the dirt themselves. Each of the privately held plots will also contribute to the “community” harvest and be used for sale in the organic farmers’ market held here that have been so popular this past season. Proceeds from those sales can then be used for new seeds, fertilizers, tools, etc. The idea is to create a sustainable farming situation.

I’m really looking forward to the spring when we can start planting. We have a lot of work still ahead of us because everyone’s favorite weed – Bermuda grass – is growing wildly in the area. It will take a lot of work to eradicate this tough weed but it can be done. We have several gardeners in the project that are established in their own rights and together we will conquer the Bermuda!

There are still many plots available and we’re still in the planning stages so now is the time to jump on board and join in the fun. If you are interested in taking out a plot, helping out with donations or knowledge or you just want to come dig in the dirt with us, call Marie at Eden’s for information. 214-348-EDEN (3336)

We know we’ll need lots of things; a tractor and operator would be great this spring, compost, mulch, trucks to pick up and haul compost and mulch - and a bobcat or front-end loader to load the trucks, and Lots and Lots of hands to help play in the dirt! We will work on having educational classes such as menu making, cooking demos, and even canning classes, so we can put up some of our harvest for winter, too.

Stay tuned and call or stop by the shop if you think you might be interested in helping “work for free food”! Come roll up your sleeves and get yer hands in the dirt - join us in this new and exciting endeavor!

I am happy to report that the Lake Highlands Community Garden is having babies!

That is right, the kids are all excited because the pepper plants are blossoming into real, live PEPPERS and TOMATOES! The kids are very excited and if you’ve never grown something with your own 2 hands and gotten to eat it - you don’t know what you are missing!

Rainwater Harvesting & Water Conservation Systems

Resurrect an age-old necessity and put your roof to good use, harvest rainwater and save it for a sunny day!

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The Rain Well is an ARCSA Rainwater Catchment Systems Accredited Professional Business

See a functional Rain Well rainwater harvesting system at Eden’s Organic Garden Center. 4710 Pioneer Balch Springs Texas

The Rain Well products have been featured in Organic Gardening Magazine, Green Product and Technology Magazine, As We Are Magazine, Dallas Home Improvement Magazine, Innovative Home Magazine, Fort Worth Texas Magazine, and in the Midland Reporter-Telegram
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Rainwater & Gray Water Tips and Additional Information

Rainwater Harvesting Guide Rainwater Uses
Rain Barrel Comparisons Gray Water Recovery Tips
Harvesting Facts Water Saving Tips
Rain Water Harvesting, An Overview (PDF file 7.5 Mbytes)
Online Gutter Installation Tutorial
Guarding the Gold: Simple Solutions for Complex Water Issues
As We Are Magazine - Hearing & Celebrating Inspiring Women - Sunday, 09 September 2007
© As We Are Magazine - Hearing & Celebrating Inspiring Women

WFAA/GreenRightNow Article Dallas Morning New Article
Dallas Home Improvement Magazine City of Irving Texas Conservation Newsletter
Dallas Home Improvement Magazine Dallas Community Garden Newsletter
Christian Science Monitor Rainwater Article
Green Products and Technology Article Midland Reporter-Telegram Article
Improve plant growth using rainwater instead of municipal or well water
Help conserve water during this drought by harvesting your rainwater!
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The Rain Well serves Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, the DFW Metroplex, and North Texas.
Why use rainwater for irrigation? Municipal water contains chlorine. Chlorine is designed to kill living organisms that can contaminate the municipal water source. Trouble is, it does this so well it also kills beneficial bacteria in the soil that your plants need for digestion in plant nutrients.
Home landscape water use can consume up to 59 to 67 percent of total home water demand, according to the American Water Works Association Research Foundation report “Residential End Uses of Water.”
An average home will waste approximately 10,000 gallons of water per year running it down the drain waiting for hot water

“Water promises to be to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th century: the precious commodity that determines the wealth of nations.” Fortune Magazine, May 2000

“The next World War will be over water.” Ismail Serageldin, Vice-President of the World Bank, From Every Drop for Sale by J. Rothfeder, 2001

“As the world’s population increases and food demand soars, getting more out of each drop of water is imperative.” National Geographic, September 2002

“Global water consumption doubles every 20 years.” Ode, July/August 2005.

New law in Texas for 2004: Among the bills enacted by the 78th Legislature was HB 645 by Puente, which prevents homeowner or property owner associations from enforcing certain restrictions on homeowners that could undermine water conservation initiatives. Among other provisions, the law prohibits a homeowner’s association from preventing a property owner from using a rainwater harvesting system or installing drip irrigation systems. Supporters of HB 645 said that it would allow homeowners to choose water efficient landscape practices without the threat of punitive fines by their homeowners’ associations. Opponents said that the bill would undermine the authority of homeowners’ associations to ensure a minimum level of maintenance to properties under their jurisdiction.
A bill enacted in 2003 was HB 1094 by Duncan. This law created the Water Conservation Implementation Task Force, a group charged with evaluating matters related to conservation throughout the state. In response to the numerous water conservation proposals that had been considered by the Legislature in recent sessions, the task force was directed to research conservation strategies and create two reports: a best management practices guide and a list of legislative recommendations. The task force released drafts of each document for public comment on August 2, 2004, and the comment period closed on August 23. On September 27, the task force unanimously adopted its draft report. The final reports will be delivered to the Legislature by November 1, 2004.

The current demand for water exceeds supply by 17%.

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4710 Pioneer Road
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The New Shop Will Be Located in Balch Springs - Just seconds off of 635 & I-20
Take the Seagoville Road exit from either highway I-20 or 635/LBJ to Pioneer Rd. and go north 3 houses on Pioneer Rd. & you’re here!
Look for horses in the front pasture, chickens and ducks - in the gardens & well, wherever they want to be, and you’ll know you’re here!.